Stone Vanity Tops in Melbourne

Our stone vanity tops in Melbourne are of a unique kind and we at Peraway marble ensure durability with aesthetics.

Are you looking for Stone Vanity Tops? If yes then you do not need to worry at all because Peraway Marble will provide you the most elegant, classy and convenient stone vanity tops exclusively for the citizens of Melbourne. Vanity tops are one of the most frequently used items in any house. Since its central to any bathroom, you should try to get a vanity top that is not only functional but also alluring. A good vanity top should be able to resist soap, base liquids, toothpaste and acidic liquids.

There are things that you should consider when trying to get a stone vanity top either for your bathroom renovation, or for a completely new bathroom. One of the most important factors to consider is the vanity top’s style and surface. Stone vanity tops can be made out of many materials. The material can be divided into two categories. The first category consists of one-piece moulded tops, which includes Vitreous China, polymarble and Acrylic. The second category consists for solid surface or stones (also called Polyresin) which include marble, timber, laminate, granite etc. They normally come with a ceramic basin, which can be inset, semi recessed, above counter or under mount.

Ceramic tops or Vitreous China is more expensive as compared to polymarble or acrylic. One advantage that they have over polymarble and acrylic is that they are tougher and are good conductors of heat. Similarly, solid surface tops or stone vanity tops are normally more expensive but they offer a number of advantages such as wide range of colours to choose from, durability and they are more glamorous and classy when matched with a good basin.

Marble and granite are very well known for their beauty. Marble may stain easier whereas granite brushes off stains,  however oils remain an exception.

The most extensively used material for stone vanity tops in bathrooms is laminate. Laminate vanity tops are easy to clean and show resistance to stain and water. They can be found in the market in a variety of patterns, colours and laminate finishes which include leather like appearance and high gloss smoothness. One drawback is that laminate can get dull with time and get burnt.

Peraway Marble offers a wide range of stone vanity tops for the public of Melbourne, which are made to order in terms of size, finish and styles to match your bathroom’s design. Our experts will not only help you find a vanity top that is priced according to your budget but also the one that is applicable to your available space. You can definitely count on us.