Kitchen Benchtops for Melbourne Homes

Do you yearn for table surfaces that are easy to clean and flaunt that fresh ‘never been used’ look after a wipe? At Peraway Marble (Aust) Pty Ltd, we can make this dream a reality. We recommend that you investigate our selection of kitchen stone benchtops that are available for residential and commercial uses in Melbourne.

When replacing a broken benchtop with a new slab, or completely upgrading your kitchen counters, opt for surfaces that require low maintenance. Wooden kitchen benchtops are not ideal because they need regular cleaning. Kitchen marble splashbacks and benchtops, however, are perfect for modern homes and offices because they are built for purpose and engineered to accommodate for the needs of busy households and commercial environments.

Whether you choose kitchen marble or stone benchtops for your project in Melbourne, we offer a variety of styles including:

  • Australian
  • European
  • Italian
  • American

These country-specific styles can be incorporated into different themes to reflect the era of your preference for your kitchen stone benchtops in Melbourne.

  • Farmhouse
  • Rustic
  • Modern
  • Traditional
  • Contemporary
  • Transitional
  • Craftsman
  • Cottage
  • Paris Bistro
  • Classic
  • Mediterranean Style
  • Eclectic

Kitchen Marble Benchtops and Splashbacks in Melbourne

Our kitchen marble benchtops and kitchen marble splashbacks are shaped to reflect the dimensions of a room and can be made to specification. Shapes include:

  • Straight Benchtop
  • L Shaped Benchtop
  • U Shaped Benchtop
  • Kitchen Island

The most common kitchen benchtops to be used are granite, Italian marble and reconstituted stone. Although, other types of quartz, marble benchtops and granite benchtops are not rare to find and have more or less the same properties as the above mentioned. It is just a matter of personal taste.

Marble is durable and has that fibrous texture that makes it stunning when installed as a kitchen benchtop. Marble when used in any bench top application will age and acquire that lived in look. Marble bench tops of any sort are for the true connoisseur who appreciates marble for what it is – natural with unique veining and textures. Marble is to be thought of as a living organism which ages with time and will change in appearance with use, that is why only true connoisseurs can truly appreciate marble. Granite has more or less similar texture to marble but is more resistant to acid etching and scratching which makes it the prior choice for those to whom keeping the original new look is important.

Quartzite properties depend on the type of quartzite, but it is most suitable for kitchen benchtops. Most quartzite, but not all, are harder than marble and various other natural stones, and most are resistant to scratching.

Kitchen Marble Benchtops and So Much More

Renovate your kitchen with premium stone benchtops in Melbourne. For the best kitchen marble benchtops and splashbacks, get in touch with Peraway Marble (Aust) Pty Ltd today.