• Calacata Quartz Quarry

    Calacata Quartz Quarry

  • White Onyx Block

    White Onyx Block

  • Lilac


  • Indian Quarry

    Indian Quarry

  • Giallo Siena block

    Giallo Siena block

  • cave 10

    Cave 10

  • Calacatta block cm 300x190

    Calacatta block cm 300×190

  • Calacatta Extra

    Calacatta Extra

  • The Best Raw Materials and Processing of Natural Stone in Melbourne

    For the benefit of current and future clients we have included this page so that you are able to properly gauge what it is that you are purchasing. Your purchase, being of a natural material, is in many instances imperfect when extracted from the earth. Many natural stones have their own characteristic peculiarities which are dealt with during the processing stages.

    Some of these natural flaws can be made good by various processing methods while others can be improved but will still be present. Given the very nature of our natural stone products, these peculiarities cannot be considered as defects and often repairs and making good are to be accepted as part of the normal process. The photos illustrate what it is that forms the basis of your finished product.

    We Supply Marble, Granite, Bluestone and So Much More

    For premium natural and engineered stone in Melbourne, call Peraway Marble (Aust) Pty Ltd. We also stock a range of kitchen benchtops and vanity basins for commercial and residential purposes.