• Agate Natural Backlit

    Agate Natural Backlit

    • Special Order
    • Semi Precious Material

  • Agate Black Galaxy With Glitter

    Agate Black Galaxy With Glitter

    • Special Order
    • Semi Precious Material

  • Red Striated Onyx 887

    Red Striated Onyx 887

    • Red Striated Onyx

  • Onyx Nuvolato (543) 1to1

    Onyx Nuvolato (543) 1to1

  • Onyx Nuvolato

    Onyx Nuvolato

  • Light Green Onyx (741)

    Light Green Onyx (741)

    • 1 to 1

  • Light Green Onyx (741)

    Light Green Onyx (741)

  • Onyx Light Green(5942)

    Onyx Light Green(5942)

  • Glacial Onyx

    Glacial Onyx

  • Onyx Striated

    Onyx Striated

  • Onyx Multicolour 6382

    Onyx Multicolour 6382

Onyx Suppliers in Melbourne

Peraway Marble (Aust) Pty Ltd is one of the largest granite, marble and onyx importers in Melbourne and provides a comprehensive selection of products for home owners, designers and builders looking for quality stone for furnishings and other applications. We have been serving this industry, its customers and commercial clients, for over 35 years and we take pride in calling ourselves this industry’s giants. We import, supply and also hold large stocks of several stones to meet the increasing demands of our customers and the changing tastes of Australia.

We are also one of the very few onyx suppliers in Melbourne and that is why our customers appreciate our wide and un-matched range of stones. Onyx is a naturally formed stone consisting of bands of chalcedony in varying colours. It is cryptocrystalline and consists of intergrowths of quartz, silica and moganite. The bands are parallel to each other as compared to the more complex layering in agates. The most naturally occurring onyx is green in colour.

This natural stone is best suited for a number of decorative uses. The results can be spectacular if used to its proper strengths. Onyx is best for wall cladding and feature panels due to its extra vibrant colours, it can even be used for flooring. If you prefer onyx floor tiling, then having an angular house will be beneficial because the edged walls will cut through the vibrant colours of onyx. Onyx is stepping ahead in the list of preference from granite and marble because of its luxurious nature and impeccable designs for feature applications. Onyx comes in a variety of colours that include:

Jade Green
Onyx Honey
Light Green
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We are reliable onyx suppliers in Melbourne that offer several edge treatments and finishes to your choice of stone. Our dedicated, experienced and skilled staff are equipped with the necessary tools and information to walk you through the whole process and make your selection easy.
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