• Verde Ubutuba Granite

    Verde Ubutuba Granite

    • Scale 1:1


  • Volga Blue Granite

    Volga Blue Granite

    • Scale 1:1


  • Sucuro (Peacock Blue) Granite

    Sucuro (Peacock Blue) Granite

    • Scale 1:1


  • Royal Swedish Mahogany Granite

    Royal Swedish Mahogany Granite

    • Scale 1:1

  • Rosso Kimaru Granite

    Rosso Kimaru Granite

    • Scale 1:1


  • Rossa Porrino Granite

    Rossa Porrino Granite

    • Scale 1:1

  • Rosa Limbara Granite

    Rosa Limbara Granite

  • Paradiso Granite 143

    Paradiso Granite 143

  • Paradiso Granite 143

    Paradiso Granite 143

    • Scale 1:1


  • Multicolour Red

    Multicolour Red

  • Nero Marinace Granite

    Nero Marinace Granite

  • Nero Marinace 456 Granite

    Nero Marinace 456 Granite

    • Scale 1:1

  • Multi-Color Orange Granite

    Multi-Color Orange Granite

    • Scale 1:1

  • Lemurian Blue Granite (Exotic)

    Lemurian Blue Granite (Exotic)

    • Scale 1:1

  • Kashmire Gold Granite

    Kashmire Gold Granite

    • Scale 1:1

  • Jacanarda Granite

    Jacanarda Granite

    • Scale 1:1


  • Juparana Champagne Granite

    Juparana Champagne Granite

  • Giallo Venezia Granite

    Giallo Venezia Granite

  • Indian Black

    Indian Black

  • Ghibli Granite

    Ghibli Granite

  • Ghibli Granite

    Ghibli Granite

  • Delicatus Granite 20802

    Delicatus Granite 20802

  • Delicatus Granite 20802

    Delicatus Granite 20802

  • Carmen Red Granite

    Carmen Red Granite

  • Cabral Granite

    Cabral Granite

  • Blue Pearl Granite

    Blue Pearl Granite

  • Blue Eyes Granite

    Blue Eyes Granite

  • Black Galaxy Granite

    Black Galaxy Granite

  • Bianco Romano Granite – Batch 19618

    Bianco Romano Granite – Batch 19618

  • Antique Brown

    Antique Brown

  • Amarello Granite

    Amarello Granite

  • African Black Granite

    African Black Granite

  • Arandis Granite

    Arandis Granite

  • African Black

    African Black

  • Angola Black Granite

    Angola Black Granite

  • Titanium Extra 43813

    Titanium Extra 43813

  • Azul Bahia

    Azul Bahia

    • Batch No 22264
    • Approx Size 2900×1750

  • Titanium(555)


  • Bianco Romano 19618

    Bianco Romano 19618

    • Out of Stock

  • Nero Zimbawe 64121

    Nero Zimbawe 64121

    • Approx. 3250×1960

Granite Suppliers in Melbourne

At Peraway Marble (Aust) Pty Ltd, we are a premium Granite Suppliers that provides Granite Tiles and Marble and granite benchtops for Melbourne interior designers, homeowners and businesses. We offer a wide range of supplies for commercial and industrial applications and do not compromise on quality.

Are you looking for beautiful granite products? Granite is one of the most appealing natural stones, known for its durability and hardness. It can be used almost anywhere. It is used in driveway paving, pool coping, bench tops, wall tiling, wall cladding, indoor and outdoor flooring and other areas.

Granite is a very hard rock and is resistant to scratching, which is ideal if you need a solid construction material for a long-term investment. Enjoy the perks of installing granite countertops and granite tiles in Melbourne for a variety of residential and commercial projects.

Granite Countertops for Melbourne Homes and Businesses
Stone Aesthetics

We are granite suppliers in Melbourne and can source just about every variation you need including:

Andromeda White
Antique Brown
Bianco Sardo
Bianco Sardo
Zimbawe Black
Granite Wholesalers in Melbourne
Contact us today to speak with our Granite Wholesalers in Melbourne. We specialise in the procurement of granite tiles, granite countertops and so much more.